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charging your Nividia shield
581 2 2016-10-22
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Anyone else using the nividia shield notice that it seems to never need charging?
I;ve been flying daily for 2 weeks, & my shield reads 70% charged, is this the norm?
My standby device, a Nexus, would need charging every couple of days.
Another question re- Phantom batteries.
Because of travel, 2 of my  batteries sit, fully charge for about 2 weeks, when home i checked both batteries & both read fully charged(15 days sitting)
Just to be sure i put both on charger, but no effect.(I thought after 10 days, batteries would automaticlly start to go to 40%?)
Flying the next day, i did notice the 2 batteries went to 20% in about 14 minutes, 10 minutes less than normal, i;m assuming this has something to do with sitting for that amount of time, u think?

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The time your battery takes before auto-discharging is able to be adjusted in the Go app settings.
You have to set it for each battery as the setting is stored in the battery.
Flying with batteries that have been sitting for two weeks without topping them up sounds potentially dangerous.
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after they sit and self discharge has begun (2-10 days per your GO setting)

do NOT trust anything you read or see about the battery's charge or levels or whatever term one uses.

Flying once it begins discharge is a quick way to need a new Mavik one day soon....

Top it off prior to fly when they sit around like that..

good luck and have fun flying!
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