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Osmo Handwheel settings... defaults?
1174 2 2016-10-25
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I don't think there is, but is there any way to change/set the default settings in the DJI GO app for the handwheel focus control?

Every time I power up, the first thing I have to do is go in to the camera settings and change the handwheel control from "Aperture" to "Focus."  I'm not sure why DJI chose to make the default position "aperture" instead of "focus" for a device that will clearly be used for focus the vast majority of the time, but that's the way it seems to work.  Most other Osmo settings stick when changed, but handwheel settings always revert.

I also have to change the direction from "normal" to "reverse." In DJI world, "normal" is actually backwards to the rest of the cine world.  If you stay in the default "normal" position, then the focus wheel operates backwards from, well, every other follow-focus wheel in the universe.  The standard operation of follow focus rigs for the last 100 years of motion picture cameras is roll the wheel AWAY from you (counter-clockwise on a left-hand knob) to focus closer, and TOWARD you (clockwise on a left-hand knob) to focus further away.... but DJI's defaults have that backwards.  If you are used to using a FF rig on other cameras all day every day like I do, trying to do it the opposite way will really scramble your brain.  Fortunately it can be changed... but I haven't found a way to make those changes stick.

It's not a huge deal, but just another little thing that I'd rather not have to deal with every single time I turn on the camera.


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Thank you for your advise, I've relayed them to the R&D team
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Why can i not set the wheel to aperture in the DJI GO App?
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