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Quick Mavic Review
762 2 2016-10-25
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United States

Received my Mavic a day early thru FEDEX. This is a small drone........when you are handed the box you will quickly realize this......when you pick up the drone itself, you will realize its smaller yet.
Ok, here goes.....
Props are labelled white and no white, note that when installing two of them....the other two are already installed.
Charge the battery and remote while you sort thru all the goodies.
Firmware requires an upgrade so be patient. I did it thru the remote.
The plastic bubble has a rubber cover....not sure what thats all about.
The gimbal guard is very small.  You will have to be very careful installing it the first few times, a little awkward to get it right. Its not visible at all so I glued a piece of red ribbon to it.
The camera/gimbal is so small it feels cheap but is all metal......anyway be careful with it.
First flight......rock solid, more solid than the Phantom 4 which was also rock solid.
Up and down were to quick, will have to tweak that.
Picture quality.......right there with the P4.  Did not try lowlight but should be better than P4.
Lots of loud warnings, buzzes, etc. Object avoidance works very well with a loud warning.
Did I mention it was excuse not to take this to the prom.
Gonna be fun!!!!  
I am not in Canada, I am in Palm Desert, CA
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Virgil Cameron
Flight distance : 22320 ft

nice cheers mate!
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Flight distance : 14354 ft
United States

Good thinking on the red ribbon attached to the gimbal lock. I can't tell you how many times I forgot to remove the lock for the P4. Very smart, and I plan to do the same!
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