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Anyone have an Osmo+? I'm curious on the footage/performance.
951 2 2016-10-25
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United States

I'm just looking to see if anyone has an Osmo + and can provide some sort of review on it, on how it performs and maybe footage samples?  I was going to purchase one but couldn't find any good reviews online.  Unless it's pretty much the same as the Osmo (From what I have read, the only difference is the zoom? and closer focus distance?).

Thanks in advance.

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New Zealand

Too be blunt I feel that it's is still not a mature product to warrant purchase. They have finally rolled out some firmware to fix the major issues so I went out to get some footage, came back home put it on the PC and noticed the left side of all the footage looked soft. Out comes the focus calibration cards and yep something is wrong with the left side of the image.

The fundamental issue for me is the use of the phone as a real time monitor; with the quadcopter cameras the issues of lag and camera control are less of an issue but with a handheld camera it can really slow you down. Delays and dropouts from the camera means you can never really tell if you got the shot and compression gives you little sense of the shot being in focus. Startup is a slow process as well, once the camera has booted you need to wait for its wifi hotspot, make sure your phone is then connected to the Osmo and then start the app, rebooting the app multiple times if something goes wrong. The wifi link also comes at a cost of using up more power on your phone and on the Osmo.

Trust me I want to like my Osmo+ and I want to get some good footage out of it but it just seems to stumble in front of me every time, and if I can't rely on it i'm not going to use it.

The system reminds my of the wifi enabled lights, sure you can do some neat things with them but it doesn't take long to realize the simplicity and reliability of a light switch. There is a reason video cameras have built in monitors and don't require app updates...

Oh yeah as for differences to the Osmo original off the top of my head; higher capacity battery in box, better horizontal stabilization, better changer and less fan noise.
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United Kingdom

I completely agree with Skint. Getting it ready takes time, and relying on your WiFi connected phone is a weak link. It's a pity that you can't connect via a USB port as an option. Also, by the time you add the phone and a microphone it becomes fairly bulky.
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