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Measurement request: Mavic Pro circumference from a real owner
893 0 2016-10-27
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Flight distance : 21827 ft
United States

I know the folded specs are out there (3.26"x3.26"x7.8") but the edges are irregular and rounded so it makes it impossible to figure out a circumference. Sure it's around 11.3", but I'd like to know a little more than the largest overall circumference of the folded drone.
The length is 7.8" I don't need to know any more about the length.  I want to know about the width (the 3.26" x 3.26" part).  Is there an owner out there that would be kind enough to wrap a tape measure around their folded Mavic and tell me the circumference from three locations. 1. Around the end including the front landing legs (this should be the largest circumference of the entire Mavic) 2. Around the widest part of the center 3. Around the largest part of the camera bubble/dome . Just the closest you can. Doesn't have to be absolute perfect.

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