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[INFO] Mavic behavior and exceptions
499 1 2016-10-28
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There's much confusion on how the Mavic performs in its different states (GPS, ATTI, SPORT, etc.) because of the lack of a manual ATTI switch (not GPS assisted flight), so we (I personally...) need an answer from DJI to some specific questions:

- My launch height is 100m, I go into a valley/canyon that is lower than my launch altitude (in example 10 meters) , I loose GPS signal but I don't have VSS... may i recover the Mavic in manual mode?

- Same as above, but I have VSS (there's the ground under it)... may I recover the Mavic? Can I have it raising to the initial altitude?

- May I start a flight indoor without GPS lock? And what happens if it suddendly regain the GPS signal?

- May I fly with unreliable GPS signal? In example in a forest with tall trees.. how the drone reacts to a continuos GPS signal loss?

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There is already a thread about this topic. Please post there. This thread will be closed.
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