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Invoice Modification
726 1 2016-10-29
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#DJI customer service issue.


Just a little information in regards to the absolute hell I have been experiencing with DJI. I sent my Inspire 1 in late September due to a crash of which I have yet to hear the determination of fault. I was originally sent an invoice of 1,054.00 for the repair. I decided to purchase another X3 from an awesome member on this site. Thanks Matthew Lavin

After numerous emails and phone conversations the price dropped to 598.00 for the repair minus the camera. The invoice was able to function properly (see photo below) so I continued to attempt to have the invoice verified for payment to no avail for approximately a week. The invoice was finally "fixed" and I attempted to purchase a set of shells to replace those that were damaged but not on the invoice (still don't know why). After communicating with 3 managers (Brian, Oscar, Thomas) the shells were added to the invoice, bringing the total to 830.00 for two plastic shells (20.00 each on DJI sales site). During the communication back and forth 20 times so far via email, 15 total phone conversations, I received a UPS return label with them stating my #Inspire1 will be returned to me due to not paying my invoice. The first invoice showed certain items, the second a different set of items. The price difference was 230.00 with the additional 40.00 total in Inspire shells. I spoke with a forth customer service representative today claiming accounting would fix this and have the invoice to me this evening. Of course this did not happen. Documentation is on the bottom showing the invoice difference, bad link for payment.

If anyone can help me via DJI, it would be a blessing.

Thank you.
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I'm sorry for the frustration,Matthew.
Could you please provide me with your case number?
I'll help to look into it.
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