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1217 1 2016-10-30
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Hello this may have asked but I couldn't find it I don't know how to search the Forum thank you in advance.
What I would like to know is how or where do you export the video files that are stored on the Phantom SD card into the DJI Go app for editing the only videos I can edit are the one stored on the phone that is recording that's at the lower resolution,  I want to use the full video inside the DJI Go app is that possible, if so where do I need to copy the files cuz when I try and copy them to my phone the DJI app cannot see those videos only the DJI record folder that houses the 720 not the 2.7k on the sdcard, it sees every other video I have on my phone but not the ones I copy from the SD card on the Phantom it even finds a girly vid I may have but not the DjI video
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At the top of this page, you could see a search icon, click on it, then type in the keys words, you can search the information.
If you want to edit the video from the SD card, please make sure your aircraft is connected, and DJI GO APP can only edit the video with 1080P resolution or below that.
If it cannot meet your needs, maybe you could copy the videos form SD card to your PC and use other third-party editor.
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