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Is there any DJI staffs here?
576 0 2016-10-31
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Hong Kong

Hi to the DJI staffs here,
Would any of you happen to know if I would like to address an official complain letter to the company, which department should I address to?
This is in no way directed to any staffs on this forum.

I would like to launch a formal complain on the level of customer services we are receiving in Hong Kong.

As many of you know by now that Hong Kong is one of the only 3 places that has an official flagship store in the world.

For all of us who pre-ordered the Mavic since the announcement date, we have full paid over the counter at the store. And as of today (31 Oct), we still have no news on any delay statement by the store. All the information we got was from Mavic forums, Facebook groups by people ordered online who got the delay notice.

There is no way to track our orders, no expected dates, whatsoever.

Fastforward to today, finally there are some stocks for pre-ordered (combo), and some arranged picked up already. For the others who are still waiting, or would simply want to call into the store and enquire about it. The phone wasn't picked up by anyone in the store. No staff had picked up a single phone call for the entire day.

This is a totally unacceptable level of customer service. Even if you don't have stock, as such a big company, you simply do not ignore customers' phone calls. We demand some sort of communication, as we have folked out hundreds of dollars, when most retailers are only accepting half the money for deposit, and you are taking in full payment.
At this point, I'm not really bothered about when will it arrive. I'm more concerned on how DJI treats its customers

I would like to know if there's a channel that I can voice out this complaint to Headquarter.


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