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Mavic issues possibility.. just a thought
483 0 2016-11-1
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Just something to consider. We are entering the holiday season and with the start of the new year and ALL the big tech contenders are releasing huge updates,OS versions and completely new platforms ect. The DJI GO application is a nice system interface but coming from a software developer keeping that type of interface glitch free and reliable with cross platforms this time of year is a monumental task. Take the DJI assistant 2 into account with Microsoft platforms. My SP3 has been updating constantly the last month and Microsoft has been changing a lot of touch interface/graphic drivers ect.for the surface studio and it has been making my assistant 2 with A3 go crazy because of dji added graphical interface. But assistant 2 runs fine on my desktop PC. I know this would piss a lot of people off but if dji is smart they would pick ONE platform to interface with and concentrate efforts and communication with that platform supplier when changes and optimizations are made in code. Anybody that has looked at or worked on there DJIs SDKs would see what I mean. Another example take apple for existence, there own updates change so drastically it forces devices to hit EOL quickly thats why they just offer a phone exchange program. Let's all also not forget with cutting edge tech like this- some more advanced than stuff military uses... trust me I know... there are going to be glitches and revisions . The proublum is UAVs crash and get damaged    I am not giving DJI a out just a developers point of veiw just a thought.... Dont hate  
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