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N3 flight controller question
1560 2 2016-11-2
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So I guess this one if for someone at DJI.....

I would really like to get this clarify before I buy all the parts...

Am I right in saying the follow are compatable together:

N3, X3 gimbal (with or without Lightbridge 2)
N3, X5 gimbal (with or without Lightbridge 2)
N3, Z3 gimbal (with or without Lightbridge 2)

Am I also right in saying that anby of the above can be used with the Zenmuse X3/X5 Series Gimbal Mounting Bracket?

And am I right in saying that technically I could use:

N3, X3 gimbal and the Matrice 600 - Zenmuse X3/X5 Series Gimbal Mounting Bracket and then technically fit them to 'any' drone I choose (if I get the mounting braket to fit of course).

So Im not asking will they 'fit' on any drone.... Im asking if the components are compatable together (which would then allow me to fit them to any drone)

To put it simply...... If I got a plank of wood... could I bolt the above parts to it and would they would all work together.



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At this time the Z3 is not listed to be compatible with the N3, however the X3 and X5 series are. These gimbals can only be used with the X mounting bracket for the M600. It will not work with the M100 variation. Lightbridge 2 is necessary as well. In theory what your suggesting might work, but I cannot guarantee.

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The n3 states that is compatible though, so how can you say it is not garuanteed to work?
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