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Tracking controller?
663 1 2016-11-3
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Not got my drone yet but can't find the answers to these.

Can the mavic track the controller and follow it? As i've noticed in reviews that sometimes the tracking on a person sometimes gets lost (this would be handy for when i run into buildings and want it to wait outside).

Also can it return to controller like the go pro karma and not just return to home?

I've bought it to fillm large scale paintball events so would be really handy if it could.
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I'm not 100% certain but I think that it's the same as the P3/4 in that it can't track the controller but it will track the device attached to the controller as long as it has GPS itself. This also applies to the ability to return to the controller as opposed to 'home' - i.e if it knows where the controller is based on the GPS that's available from the device it's attached to.

However, you are MASSIVELY overestimating the capability of the follow/avoidance features. If you carry on thinking like that you won't have your Mavic for very long.
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