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Epson Moverio BT-300 FPV/AR glasses
3014 0 2016-11-4
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United States

I was at the Commercial UAV Expo in Vegas this week.  Behind our booth Epson was showing their Moverio BT-300 FPV glasses.
They had a Mavic loaner sitting on the table. My first question was "are they compatible with the Mavic"?  The answer was "yes".  My next question was can I check out the Mavic and they obliged.  
The setup is 740p and not wireless to the glasses.  They weigh in at 2.5 oz. (69g.) for the glasses alone and have an image on each lense.  It also has a 5MP front facing camera.  They look very much like the much maligned Google Glass.  There is a wire that goes to the glasses from a small box about the volume of a bar of soap.  It has some buttons on it including one that will shut off the image quickly so you have just clear glasses and can see in front of you.  

It is what they call DJI Go Certified so it is working through the app and connects via Bluetooth.  Looking at the brochure now it ONLY mentions Android and nothing about iOS.  If it only works with Android they are really missing the boat!

The image was REALLY nice and large enough to see good detail.  We were inside but it seemed bright enough to work outdoors.  I was not able to put them too close to my eyes but had to move them further down my nose for proper focus.  Unlike some other glasses you can use these over your current glasses which a lot of people need.  Other than that they were pretty comfortable for the short time I used them.  These aren't going to be the resolution of the DJI Goggles but it seems a lot of the other functionability may be there?  They are pretty small and fit in a case about the size of the Mavic.  It also comes with a shield that will block out the front view of the glasses so you only see the image.

List price is $799 from the reps at the show.

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