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Life of P3Pro How Long?
655 1 2016-11-5
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Flight distance : 2113406 ft
United States

I was wondering what the life of a P3Pro is in regards to number of flights, hours of flight, total distance flown?  
As I have 356 flights, almost 53 hours flight time and 339,369 meters of distance flown. Never been repaired for anything, same 2 batteries, only issue is image transmission and if i move the flat ribbon cable on the camera, image transmission returns to normal. Compared to others and their P3Pros is this good for my P3Pro?
Also have flown in Calico Ca. Ghost town and stupid me didnt think about the 110 degree weather. the bird was fine ,but my ipad shut off completly. Maxed out altitude 3 times so far at Viejas Casino in San Diego County. 1640 feet, no issues with image transmission either of those times. Will post a pic soon as i figure out how to get screenshot.
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Flight distance : 1087530 ft
United Arab Emirates

I have an RC Biplane that is over 40yrs old ...

I have other models 5 .. 10yrs ... all still flying fine.

My P3P had two owners before me and as far as I can see is over 4yrs old ... yes it's had repairs after my stupid mistakes - but generally its the same machine and flying fine. I expect it to continue indefinitely or until I can no longer get batterys for it.

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