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Polar Pro lens filters for Phantom 3 Standard
826 0 2016-11-7
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Recently purchased accessory lens filters for my P3S made by Polar Pro. On first use, I noticed that the pop-on filters (Pl, ND4, and ND8) fit extremely loose on the P3S camera lens; in fact once placed on the camera lens, I could still easily rotate the filter while on the lens. I thought this was odd but after reading the in-box instructions, it clearly said to firmly push the filter on the camera lens of the "Phantom 3 Standard." I placed one of the three filters on the lens and up we went - straight up with the camera facing straight ahead. After rotating the drone in place to compare the picture, I brought the drone straight down and landed. After landing, I sadly realized that the filter was missing. It appears the Polar Pro filter fell off during my first test flight using the new filters! Next I took my drone inside and fitted the remaining two filters and they fitted as loosely as the one that slipped off during flight. I emptied out the box the three filters came in and again reviewed the instructions in case I missed something...i didn't. I also found a small bag of what appear to be spacers but nothing in the instructions or on the box. Thinking the manufacturer (Polar Pro) knew this was an issue and threw the bag of spacers in the box w/o admitting the filters were designed poorly for the dji P3S.

Bottom line, do not buy these filters for your P3S ($50), you will definitely be disappointed.
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