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P3A for a Mavic Pro
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I know very few have a Mavic pro yet but I got a buyer for my P3A, so if I want I can sell and upgrade this winter.  I'm just wondering if you guys think it is worth it cashing out of the P3 to a mavic

My big attaction to the mavic is that it will fit in my luggage.  I'm a business travel, and go to lots of places.  However, with my laptop and normal abord it's impossible for me to take my P3A anywhere.  This year I've been to some amazing sites here and in Canada but not able to bring the drone.

I am worried that I won't like the small screen.  I do like my ipad video and yes I fly via camera often.

I've seem most of the pre-release video on youtube.  The drone folks (like Casey) I follow seem to really love this new mavic.

Think it's work it or should I wait?

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i would sell it like right now.  value and peoples interest will drop very fast - the drone market is exploding and no one likes flying a tank
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Make sure you do your research into the current issues mavic owners are experiencing now, most will be fixed by fw updates,but still something to think about.
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TechReviews Posted at 2016-11-13 13:53
Make sure you do your research into the current issues mavic owners are experiencing now, most will ...

Do you have any examples of what Mavic users are complaining about?
I have a P3P, a Chroma (the big one - ran about $999 new) and a QX3, plus four batts for the P3P and 3 batts for the Chroma (a handful of batteries for the QX3 cuz they also fit some of my planes.

I love the Chroma simply because it's so "self contained." But the portability of the Mavic looks outstanding. I've seen YouTube videos of guys using some pretty good sized iPads with the controller.

Art - N4PJ
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