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Firmware v01.06.0040 Layout
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Apparently, between version 1.05 and version 1.06 (iOS), the screen layout changed quite a bit. Everything I look to for instruction/example, etc., references the previous screen layout. I can't seem to find anything with a screen display that looks like mine!

Even the little house in the upper left hand corner (the "home" icon) is gone. I kept looking for the appropriate icons to institute the IOC functions and just about went bonkers until I discovered accidentally it's no longer buried in menu/sub-menus - there's an icon on the main screen.

Did *anyone* produce a lesson/tutorial that involves the 1.06 (the latest iOS) version of the firmware?

Everything seems to work fine on my P3Pro. It looked at first like the "required firmware" icon was lit, but I downloaded the latest version and, when I went to start the installation, I realized that the version already in my root directory of the SD card *is* the latest version. I must have mis-interpreted the icon that looked like I needed a firmware update.

As long as the last couple of version take care of the battery problem - the one where it was considered dangerous to take off without a full battery - I have no problem. I don't fly near any airports and I haven't experienced any other problems.

Some day one of my engines will give up the ghost and my P3Pro will crash and that'll be the end of that! In theory after X number of hours, I could replace the engines, but getting the P3P apart and back together is somewhat daunting!

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