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Gimbal issue after crash - repair advice
367 1 2016-11-14
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Hey Guys and Girls!

I recently crashed my P4. I tried taking off from a friends boat but conditions were too windy.(really stupid on my part but no use cry over spilt milk)

As I took off a gust of wind blew the phantom backwards into the radar on the boat. After hitting the radar the phantom flipped and landed in the back of the boat. The props stopped spinning and it landed upside down. Thankfully it never went overboard and end up in a total loss. Since the crash I have had an issue with the Gimbal.At first it was giving me a message that the gimbal was disconnected. Also there was no signal to the ipad. Later I turned it on and the image signal came back. The gimbal was sitting skew and didn't level itself off. Also it was moving from the RC control but not has stopped working.

Now I took the camera and gimbal apart thinking maybe the ribbon cable was damaged it the accident. I cannot see any damage to the Ribbon cable.

My question for you guys is if I buy a new gimbal including the camera from dji will it resolve my issues? Is there anything in the body of the phantom that may be affecting the gimbal from working properly?
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Sorry to for your crash.
I think a repair service would be the best course of action.
Please fill in follow information then send an email to We'll raise a ticket for you.
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