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Salut to DJI but also some suggestions
655 0 2016-11-15
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Once again, DJI is to be congratulated on developing market leading systems. They have taken all the positive suggestions users have made and put it into product. Here are some
- using the new 20.4 MP micro 4/3 sensor for the X5S
- upgrading to .h265 and increasing the SD card bitrate to 100Mbps
- upgrading the X3 to a 1" sensor with the X4S
- FPV front facing cam
- rear AND upward pointing collision avoidance
- better HDMI output options
- possibility of 4G based flight control and video tx in SDK
- more powerful motors for higher flight speed
- non linear RTH with reverse flyback in case of signal loss
- navigating redundancy (dual compass and IMU)
- power redunancy (some protection against battery failure)

This said, some degree of backward compatibility is desirable. Yes, its smart to put the processing engine on the aircraft to save costs on what you put on the cams. However, perhaps from the I2 onwards, management can consider how to put in swappable modules instead of having users migrate to totally incompatible product, new batteries, chargers etc.

I mean, as developers, you have your product road map a couple of years ahead. Mixing and matching gear makes for better sustainability too.

Finally, (of course others will dispute this), the tempo of product launches is a little too crazy. You will realize what I'm saying makes sense in some months time.

Use props
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