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Inspire One Broken Firmware Help !
673 2 2016-11-19
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Hi so I just bought a used inspire one with a firmware issue bassically the firmware keeps failing and the guy said if I am not able to fix it to ship it to dji he gave me a shipping label but I wanted to see if there is a fix so I can use it now can can any of you help?  thanks !
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First off what is the Current FW (firmware ) that is on your system now , you need to open the Go app and go to the "About " tab under general settings.  Pleast take a screen shot  or list them  please.  Like this RC at version 1.5.8  AC on version 1.7.0 Etc   I need to know this .

Always remember when you update the aircraft that you must have the correct model.  If you have the standard Inspire 1 than you MUST use that FW for it .  You CANNOT  use the FW for the Inspire Pro or Raw, the numbers look the same or are nearly the same but the data is different.

Read my tips page and this will help you also .  Use  A PC if you can unless you are very knowledgeable about a MAC if that is what you use.  Read my tips page and get me the data requested. We will go from there.

Please read my tips page, it will answer a lot of questions .
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Please follow Donnie's advice check the current firmware version first.
You could try to format the SD card and do the update again.
If still fail to update, please find the update log file and post it here.
We will help to check it.
You could find the update log file by following these steps:
1. Enable Viewing hidden files in your OS. Below are the websites where you can check how to show the hidden files in your PC.
For The Windows System: ... den-files=windows-7
For The Mac System: ... mac-os-x-mavericks/
2.Enter the root directory of the SD card, then find the hidden folder MISC and enter it. There is LOG folder in it.
3.The LOG txt file is under the LOG folder.
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