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Karma drone being recalled
697 0 2016-11-20
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United States

I hope DJI is paying attention to this... This is what a good company does when it has a manufacturer defect... a recall, or they work with their customers to make sure that their product is satisfying the people who bought it.   DJI continues to not do this with the Phantom 2 vision plus defective wifi transmission module.  I am curious to know how many people have this very same problem.  Perhaps someone from DJI will provide the number... but not likely, as it would be evidence of a widespread problem.  Either it is a manufacturer defect, or they disabled the FPV with a firmware update when they decided to discontinue it.  Either way, not standing behind their product is the right thing to do for a company that wants to fail.  In the mean time, if DJI has crapped on you make sure you tell everyone you know.  Go out of your way to save other people from making the same mistake you did.  

This is a facebook page I have started for people who are not getting the satisfaction they deserve from DJI

Phantom 2 no FPV
Use props
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