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Achieve Max 0 Wind Flight Distance?
596 2 2016-11-24
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I have been pondering how to achieve the maximum nil wind distance for a few days now.  In the manual p55, the specs say:

- Max flight Time 27 Minutes (0 wind at consitent 15.5mph (25kph))     <-- This equates to 11.25km.     I have done a 26min flight but only covered 3.6km!

- Max Flight Distance 8mi (13km, 0 wind)

As the manual does not mention it, my question is, What speed to fly at to gain max 0 wind range and therefore the extra 1.75km & 15% range?

Obviously it has to be faster, but how much faster ios the Q.  Intuitively I could just fly 15% faster than 15.5kph @ 18kph for the same time. This would use the battery faster though and it would not actually achieve the extra distance. This is not the answer.  I think it is more along the lines of A LOT faster for A LOT less timer.   Reason being is that I noticed RTH seems to occur at ~ 50 kph!  If I was setting up RTH logic I would program it to operate at the most efficient ground range.

Looking at my DJIGO logbook I can see my longest flight so far is a mere 6.9km which is barely half of the maximum achievable on spec sheet at av speed 18kph.
Anyway I am going to fly a few tests to see how speed vs distance compare.  Sensors Off, lights off etc.

Has anyone else worked out the best speed for max distance?

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Trial and error is the best way. There was a video on Youtube of someone heading 3mi out from the beach to look at a cruise ship. He got it there and back with no issue. Doesn't really answer the question I know but the flight range is getting up there.
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Henry M.Y.
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Hi Logger,

The official statement from DJI is the answer to Mavic pro FAQ Propulsion Q no. 5 - 13km range at 50km/h.

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