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Follow me: Gimbal control
484 0 2016-11-28
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I know in active track the Mavic controls the gimbal and continues to hold the shot on the subject it's tracking.

In follow me mode from what I understand the Mavic relys on the GPS of the phone and follows that, but the gimbal doesn't track.

Is there any reason why in follow me the gimbal can't also track the user?

The reason I ask is that drones like Hexo+ and Airdog can do this easily. They are much less sohpisticated than the Mavic, and have fewer sensors. In active track mode the Mavic needs it's forward sensors turned on, so you are speed limited. In follow me mode theortically the Mavic can fly much faster, but without gimbal tracking then it's not much use.

The Hexo and the Airdog use simple bluetooth connection to the device and orientate their gimabals to always point at the device, when set up for a movement/follow. Surely Mavic can do this easily with a simple firmware update.

Any thoughts?
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