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Mavic crashes and fly aways
741 0 2016-12-2
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I have seen more than a few post on here regarding fly aways and crashes ... for everyone who has sent there logs to DJI Engineers what where the findings? Wish there was a listing of what modes people where in at the time. I typically fly in P-Mode, where as S-Mode will give the quick speed and movements it does also disable sensors. I remember reading someone flying into a fence and saying they barely touch the stick and it darted off. Thinking back, I wonder if he/she was in Sports mode and just did not know it.
Guess we will never know most people do not post again if DJI Engineer report back that it was flyer error. As a first time quad owner it took me 5 flights in beginners mode 2 in Tripod mode (I feel is a lot better than beginner mode, movements are slower) to become comfortable flying off. Not, to mention a few days to fully understand all the setting, flying orientation, and does and donts. Also tons of calibration (IMU, Compass, Stick, controller, etc) should be done that it appears most people over look, because they're too excited to launch. You just can not assume that out of the box everything is dialed in.

As my career I am a Lead Developer for a global fortune 100 company. I am always shocked by how many new dev hires will want to push changes live before running it through the process flow checks. Flying a quad requires a process flow check as well. By no means am I say that fly aways and crashes are user faults, I just wish we had community data to make other pilots aware. Really how many people know that a red and yellow flashing light means compass calibration is required. Downloading the PDF version of that manual and reading it at your leisure and / or before flight will give an huge insight on just how much tech and features that you need to keep in mind before and while flying. Seriously how many people in US have even bothered to register there quad with the FAA UAV database which is required and only cost $5. I ran into a few drone flyers in the park with phantom that didn't even realize FAA UAV registeration was required.

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