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Nexus 6P settings for Mavic
1401 2 2016-12-6
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United Kingdom

Hi All,

Recently got my Mavic and I'm using it with my Nexus 6P, however I've had a few conenction problems and even in beginners mode it keeps returning to home because of this loss of connection. I saw on a facebook page that it could be the cable and the way it is connected, so I'm going to try using the port underneath instead of on the side.

One thing I have noticed though is that when my phone is connected to the controller, my phone is being charged by the controller. On the status menu I get the option to choose the connection method but each one I try doesn;t work apart from the charge only option, is there a way around this?

Also, I notice that the app (v4) crashes when you try to start it up with the phone landscape which doesn't help!

Many thanks

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I am still waiting for my Mav, but I use a Nexus 6p as well.

As a side note, Nougat 7.1.1 is coming this week for the Nexus 5x and 6p, and *might* fix the crash issue, or cause new issues. Please update this thread with anything new that you learn.

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United Kingdom

Just an update on this disconnection problem I'm having. I changed 4 things to try and fix the problem:

- I used a different cable to connect my phone to the controller and I used the bottom port.
- I enabled USB debugging on my Nexus 6P as someone else suggested.
- I updated the mavic firmware that was made available yesterday.
- It was also a little warmer today.

I used all 3 of my batteries and only had one disconnection problem the whole time, it was much more reliable, it also did not RTH automatically and I had control of the Mavic the whole time. However! The Go4 app crashed constantly and had to be restarted many times, this however did not affect me controlling the mavic.

Also, as well as the app crashing I lost the HD connection 2-3 times so I could not use the camera, this also led to a frozen app and then eventually a crash.

So in summary, I'm wondering if the side port is a bit dodgy? especially as the shape of the connector is incorrect for a micro USB port. Also I don't think the very buggy app is helping.

Anyway, after using my Mavic today with much less problems (definitely not perfect) I have got a bit more confident about flying it, so much so I stopped using beginner mode and even had a quick blast in sport mode. I think it will take a few more flights to gain more confidence in it. I'm also hoping that if I buy the DJI Crystal screen when it comes out that it will solve the app crashing problems.

I also got an update to my phone yesterday bringing it up to 7.1.1 but the app still crashes
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