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Phantom 4 Pro: Camera Quality Issues. Not so pro after all?
2052 0 2016-12-7
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I *thought* I was going crazy when looking at the footage of the P4Pro in post (during editting) because no matter the color space profile I shot my footage in, the resulting footage was, technically speaking, garbage.  As in the P4P's camera produces a worse video than my $100 point and shoot that does 1080p video.

I stumbled upon "Raptorman0909" on youtube who did a very thorough examination of the P4P camera and my suspicioun was validated.

Very sad to see this kind of product from DJI.  It appears there have been more negative discoveries about the P4P than there have been good...the vibration issues, reported poor production quality (loose prop mounts), issues with the IMU, gimbal calibration issues and creep and now the camera it self which was supposed to be one of the major selling points.

For those interested in the Camera issues here is the thorough video from "Raptorman0909"

And a nice follow up from him as well

Good news? If DJI really cared they could correct much of this in a firmware update but such an update would not be a small undetaking.  
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