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Wind Warning, whats the limit?
1201 1 2016-12-8
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Flight distance : 200577 ft
United States

Today I was flying and got the new Warning for high winds... my question is what is the minmum wind speed before a warning is triggered?
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Flight distance : 2883714 ft

It suspect it wont be based on an actual  wind speed but rather a pitch angle. This angle will approximate a windpeed though. My guess based on my perception of the wind I was flying it in yesterday that was trigering the warning is that it was around 8m/s or 15KTs. Whilst the Healthy drones calculated the wind during this flight was only 5 m/s or 10Kts. I think was incorrect.  The environmental envelope says not to fly in windspeed exceeding 10 m/s (20 kts) which makes sense. 10 m/s is also the Mavics max speed in certain modes.  So above this it could get blown away. Logically the "High Wind velocity Fly with Caution" warning would be programmed to come on well before the 10 m/s limit.
Anyone else got an idea of what approximate wind speed the warning starts coming on?
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