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So many problems DJI..
637 1 2016-12-14
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I have to say I am very disappointed with this whole Mavic debacle.  After 2 months of waiting I finally got it and there was a product defect so I returned it to RMA.  Now RMA was quick and I was shocked.  But the RMA warranty return unit was also defective.  Bad defective.  Would not even calibrate the compass no matter what I did and yes I did just about everything.  I'm no noob.

So then comes multiple conversations with DJI Support that can't seem to understand that they sent me a bad RMA unit and I need it to also be replaced.  On the phone with one that was going to get me to a supervisor.. hung on the line for 20 minutes waiting and started a chat in that time with Mark.  Mark was friendly and seemed to understand and help.  But Mark didn't create a case and didn't send any UPS label to me for return.  In fact, when I contacted the next person, Kristell, she had no record of my 30 minute conversation with Mark at all.  No case was open and no UPS label.  Wow...

But Kristell did open a case and I can now ship back the second Mavic for repair.

Now I just want to cancel my Refresh contract on the original purchase and I have access to a new mavic that has not been out of the box so I'll give that a shot.  Can I cancel the refresh on the first order??

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Sorry for your experience, Dronebow. Could you please provide me with your case number?
I'll help to look into it.
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