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Transfer DJI Refresh to a new unit?
772 1 2016-12-14
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I want to know if it's possible to transfer DJI Refresh purchased for one unit to a new unit.  The reason is because the original Mavic, after activating it and purchasing the DJI Care Refresh, was defective and I had to send that in for RMA repair.  The RMA repair I got back was also defective, even worse than the first.  So I am also once again sending that back for RMA Repair.

Rather than be a month without a Mavic, I have purchased a new one and would like to transfer the original Refresh to the new unit.  I will sell the RMA return once I get that back in a few weeks.

Can this be done?

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DJI Mindy
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Sorry Dronebow, as for your case, you cannot transfer the DJI care refresh from your first Mavic to the other one.
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