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Osmo Mobile Users...make sure you aren't running a beta of iOS
499 1 2016-12-19
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I just got mine under a week ago, after a client came to visit and showed me how cool his was and let me play with it.  But, upon purchasing and setting up mine (yes, I did everything correctly, and by the numbers) I noticed questionable performance issues.  
1) If I moved to quickly one way or another, the camera (iPhone) would dissorient itself and I would need to double click the trigger to bring it back.  

Almost every use, I would get some kind of disconnect message or error.  One in particular would show me an a diagram of an odd, seemingly face down position for the Osmo and instruct me to hold it this way while rebooting.  

2) Turning it vertically (phone long ways up or down) would facilitate some kind of error message or another.

3) And, most importanly, the servo arm would just drop spontaneously for no reason, followed by a message that the Osmo had lost contact with the device.  At this time I would have to reboot both devices.  

I know my phrasing isn't perfect by I but many of you know exactly what I'm talking about.

So, first I reached out to DJI, and was told... "we don't support the iPhone 7 series and we don't know when we are putting out a software or hardware update."  To which I replied, "let me make sure I got this... It's December, and your iPhone based product doesn't support the latest iPhone that came out in December and was avaialble to development partners for months before release?"  " She said, "That's right, I'm sorry".  

So, right away, I'm behind the eight ball because I'm using it with an unsupported product.    Shame on me, right?  But, actually, no, because I know someone who uses it with an iPhone 7 Plus and it works just fine.  So, what's the answer?  

I took it back to Best Buy with the intent to swap it out.  Then a very knowledgable camera sales rep, who happens to have the same devices himself (Osmo Mobile and iPhone 7 Plus), figured out I was running a beta version of iOS.  He clarified that it won't run with the beta.  He showed me how to remove my beta profile and now everything works fine.  He said he had a customer with a DJI $1200 DJI drone that stopped responding and just flew away (not to be found) because the customer was on a beta version of iOS;

One thing I'm seriously considering... putting it on a Geek Squad account so I have warranty coverage for 2 or 3 years.  I want to get that much usage out of my investment, and I don't trust DJI's product commitment, and support, much as much as I love their product.  

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United States

very helpful thanks
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