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875 3 2016-12-20
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United States

I've started to research headsets for my Inspire 1 and wanted to ask if anyone is using them.  I've looked at the Fatshark headsets but I'm sure there's others.  Does anyone use them to control the pitch and yaw of the camera?

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Fatsharks V3. I dont use them to fly, drives me nuts but my daughter wears them while I control the inspire.
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Mark Guille
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These look good and they control the gimbal. ... ant-glyph-drone-fpv

It would be interesting to hear any info you find.

Mark G.
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I own both headsets... The Fatshark V3 Dominator and the Avegant Glyph.

Both are awesome in their on way... but here are the differances.

1) If you go with Fat shark you will have to use the Dominator V3 as they are the only ones with HDMI support.

2)  You will then have to tack on around an Extra 50.00 for a Head Tracker Mod.... (I am not sure if this configuration would even have Support for tracking on the DJI  inspire). Research would be required.

3) The V3 is awesome for racing and having the ability to plug in different band receiver boards. For racing and custom builds this is a necessity. They are also an immersive experience... they are true goggles that shut off all outside light. For FPV racing, once again this is desirable

The Avegant Glyphs

1) The head tracker is built in and support is already on board for the DJI inspire 1.. It is a plug and Play device

2) These are not goggles so they are not completely immersive ( I find this desirable for a camera platform).

3) These are only compatible with RC's  that have HDMI Support.... Thus they are not currently a cross platform product really. lots of production drones have this such as DJI or Parrot .... however most custom drones will not, as they will most likely rely on more traditional wireless video band transmitters that require a receiver such as the boards you can by for the Fat Shark.

4) The Glyphs are easy to watch movies and listen to music with.... so they serve as more then just a FPV flying tool. (I take mine with me everywhere)

The Conclusion.......

If you want to use something just for you're inspire 1 that are easy to use as head phones and watch movies with too... The glyphs are the answer

If you want to Invest into something that is more RC specific (FPV Racing and the like) then the Dominator V3's  are the ticket.... Just research and make sure they have some kind of support so the head tracker will be compatible with the inspires gimbal.
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