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Finally flew my Mavic Prio
683 2 2016-12-25
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Even though I received my Mavic Pro Fly More Package which I ordered 4 October at the beginning of December, wind, rain, freezing cold etc delayed from flying it.  I finally got it out on saturday, 24 December, and again today.  Saturday video footage would have been great had I remembered to actually hit the record button.  Sunday I actually captured some footage.  Here's some observations from a drone newbie and fairly inept photographer.    Okay, I haven't played with the settings but I've ready you can increase the sensitivity of the joysticks on the controller.  I think I'll probably do this when I want to improve the video quality.  Using the left toggle to rotate right and left is pretty neat but the default settings make it react fairly quickly so if you're using that to pan it's a bit jerky.  Make it less sensitive and you can get a smoother pan.  The other thing is when you're moving forward with speed and stop, the drone has a tendency to porpoise up ( the nose pitching up as it comes to a stop).  The answer to that is I guess don't stop so quick... of course if you're filming and want to come to a quick halt, I'm sure somebody figured out a way around that.  Could be editing, could be flying, any feedback would be appreciated.  
  So, the setup I'm using is of course the DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo.  I picked up a  tablet holder from ETSY ( ... 9-10-tablet-adapter) which I'm pretty happy with.  It balances well and does the trick.  Being a gear geek I also ordered a MavMount so I'll let you know how that works.  I'm using a first gen IPad Air in the mount (yeah, grandfathered unlimited data plan from ATT) plugged into the bottom port.  After the second flight I totally removed the side port and the clip since I don't see using it anytime soon.  Of course if you don't unplug the side port, the bottom port remains inactive and your app will remain disconnected from the craft.  I've only read it a dozen times here yet still I struggled for a minute or two trying to figure out why I couldn't connect to the craft.  
  All in all, I've had a lot of fun with it over the past two days.  I promptly turned off beginner mode since I'm at the 64 acre family farm and the range in beginner mode is a bit to limited.  Like a good boy, I kept line of sight, etc (ya hear that FAA).
  I played with the editor software and uploaded a couple 30 second clips to sky pixel just to see how it worked.  All in all I feel it's money well spent.

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Great to see you've been able to get out with the mavic, changing to cinematic mode will slow down the speed of any actions and the mavic will not pitch so much when accelerating and stopping, the yaw speed will be slowed down to get those killer pans as well.
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Thanks for posting and glad you are enjoying it. It will take some practice to get smooth with your shots.
Going from full speed to a abrupt stop is not going to give you great video. You have to be more smooth going from forward to a stop. You can also lower the sensitivity, braking, and gains.
Fist get totally comfortable with the aircraft and then start making small adjustments.
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