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Newb Questions about Focus and Flight Mode
488 1 2016-12-28
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Got the mavic up and running today. Did all the firmware updates before I flew it. I read alot of the book and did some searching around but still got questions.
My C1 is setup for Center Auto Focus. Tap to focus works. What is the green square on the right side of the screen and the orange/yelllow circle do? I read the book about it and still dont get it. I think the green one has to do with focusing. How do you do the continious focus with the beeping that people are talking about?

Fllight mode / GPS / ATTI and avoidance systems:

Ive read that we cannot switch over to ATTI manually and I know what GPS mode is.

Question is is there any point that with these modes or turning off any of the avoidance or sensors on the unit that the operator will have to control the mavic completely as in it will not hover level without user input and would crash. Normally obvously it just hovers and levels out, I come from RC Helis where you cannot let go and you need to control its direction/levelness and height all manually.

Any detailed info on the sensors modes/options?

And when its in sport mode is that just faster? I think I read the avoidance sensors shut off and the speed goes up but will it still hover on its own? Or is it full manual control now?

Sorry for the new questions and if I missed a thread with it please send me the link. I search all over today for things Ive read about before the mavic arrived and cant find now.
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DJI Mindy

Hello Speed_Freak_039, it's continuous auto focus when you disable Manual Focusing via DJI GO app.
When GPS and vision positioning is not available, the aircraft will switch to ATTI mode automatically. It might be not stable enough. Please be more careful.
As for sport mode, please refer to our manual. manual.png
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