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DJI Go app not showing nfz
990 1 2016-12-30
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Flight distance : 61316 ft
United Kingdom

Hi Guys

I am fully aware you are not allowed to fly near any airports helipads etc
I am advised that the DJI APP is ment to advise you on where the NFZ zone's are on the DJI APP

My local airport is the only airport that is a nfz - all other airports aren't indicated as a nfz, is this because you need to be within a certain radius of the airport for the map to show it?

Ive attached 1 photo of my dji go map over London - you  will see London City and Heathrow don't have a nfz , only 1 airport on the map is showing an nfz which is my local airport , from speaking to Mark from your Techincal team over live chat your ment to see ALL the NFZ zones around the world..

DJI Go app is the lastest release on the andriod playstore - ive also tried to install the DJI GO APP on my tablet same result
Phone is an s6 edge plus running Marshmellow 6.0.1 GPS enabled on Phone - when downloading and installing the app and looking at the dji app map the phone was connected to the internet(I have factory Reset the phone since the inital posting and still the same results)
No changes have been made to the DJI GO app - all default settings

I have also  tired to reinstall the app on my phone , same result

Drone 3 Std running latest firmware

My Drone is registered to the same email address that the forums is registered to if you can look into this

Look forward to your responce

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Mitchell Wright

United States

Hey I'm having the same issue. I was able to take off and fly way too close to the airport without it telling me anything. I remember when I very first started flying years ago I could see the no fly circles.
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