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Just done with the Osmo Plus
1040 0 2017-1-2
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Camera Ninja
United States

Just got done shooting the Rose Parade today with my Osmo Plus. After a 12 hour production day, I couldn't wait to review the footage.

Here are the results:
The interviews and closeups turned out great.
The wide shots of the parade were out of focus. Again DJI, when will you finally add focus assist?

It's so sad that the lady shooting next to me with an iPhone probably had better footage than I did.

Many people came up to me during the day and asked me about my camera and if I would recommend it. The answer I gave and now stick to is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I'm now officially done shooting with this camera and all I can hope for is to sell the camera without too much of a loss.

I had such high hopes for this camera and I guess in some situations this camera can be great,  but for all the benefits this camera offers, the cons ( and there are are so many) are just too much for me and I can't continue using it.
Use props
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