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Inspire 1 V2.0 or P4P
628 3 2017-1-3
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United Kingdom

Hi All,

I've nipped across from the P4P forum as it looks like my P4P gimbal might be going the same way as many others with this new bird, and it'll probably give up the ghost very soon.

So my diliemna is... should I get a replacement P4P or spend a little more and get the Inspire 1 V2.0? I must admin one of the atractions of the P4P is the dual IMU's and Compasses...

Any thoughts are appreciated.
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First Officer
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I own both... Choose P4P !!! if you clients can forget it looks like a toy
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Donnie Stugots
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United States

Why not just go to the Inspire 1  for now ,  the I2 is a hell of a jump in price and unless you are using it for high end pro work , might not be worth the money .  I mean by the time you put it all together with a few extra battery packs, lens filters, edit SSD cards  etc, you are up in the 7,000 dollar range or more .  You could get a Inspire  1 for less than half that price and have a very good platform .  I bet If you did not know what system filmed it , you would not tell the Difference between the Inspire 1 and the Inspire 2 videos.  ( unless you are like member  Jim Hare and have a super Keen Eye )

Dont get me wrong , I would love to have the Inspire 2, and will more than likely get one eventually after the dust settles and I dont find out about some huge  issue with it .

Just my 2 cents .

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Mark Guille
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P4p seems to be an all round better machine and better camera than the I1v2, more compact, easier to cart around and will do everything the I1 can do and more. If you specifically need something with the cool factor, the I1 is the one for you.

Mark G.

Ps. Donnie, I think the OP was asking about the I1v2 not the I2.
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