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Zenmuse Z15N Single Pilot Mode - S1000 w/ A2 - Cable?
713 1 2017-1-4
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[size=40.3942px]Set-Up : S1000 with A2 Flight Controller, ZenMuse Z15N, Sony Nex6 Camera, Single User Mode (for now), DSMX x2 Sats.  DX8 Remote (Upgrading to DX9 soon).
[size=40.3942px]My s1000 is set-up for two controllers but at the moment I need to set it up for single controller.  I ran across this thread explaining the difference in hooking up the wiring for two controllers vs. a single controller and it was very helpful:  

[size=40.3942px]The gimbal is stuck in a mode that will keep the camera position locked at the original 'straight' orientation.  I figured out it is stuck in one of the H.FREE/H.TRACE/RESET modes (fpv/orientation/nonorientation).  I set-up the MODE on my AUX1 3 way dx8 switch.  Everything works correctly in the DJI A2 assistant but when powered up the gimbal stays locked in all 3 switch settings.  I also could not figure out why I could not set-up the PITCH correctly.  I hooked the A2 F2 servo cable to the ZENMUSE PITCH port and nothing.  I could not figure out which A2 port went to the ZENMUSE MODE port either.  Then after reading the link above it seems that my CAN BUS wiring is incorrect for single user which is causing these issues.

[size=40.3942px]From what I am gathering, I need to hook the Zenmuse CAN port directly to the CAN port on the PMU.  Problem is that the PMU uses a different cable and I cannot find this anywhere.  Attached is the cable that I need as well as the connection point that was used in the above link that should go directly to the ZENMUSE.  

[size=40.3942px]Does anyone know where I can buy this cable or know if I'm doing anything else incorrectly?  Thanks in advance for the help!

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Please let me know when you have found where you can source a cable from.
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