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Focusing Clarification
790 1 2017-1-13
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I understand the MAVICs focusing is manual and I can set auto.  But if I set it to auto, does it auto to a landmark thats close in front of it or infinity?  
The reason I ask is tonight I tested my MAVIC in a downtown area at a court building.  I went up and focused on a clock tower and it worked.  As I flew away and back I didnt know if the clock tower was staying as the focusing point or if it was changing because it got a bit blurry and such.

Hopefully the question makes sense.  Essentially if I move away from a point that I focused on too far what becomes the focus point?  Nothing?  Do I just click to focus again periodically?  If so that sucks too because you can see the focusing happening ruining a long shot.

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Auto-focus should be explained more in detail, I guess. Let's go:

1) The default focus in the Mavic is called "tap to focus". You tap on the screen and that area gets focused.

2) You can configure your buttons C1 and C2, so that the center is focused when you click the button.

3) You can activate a setting that turns on "manual focus". It is called MF and if you select it on the main screen, you get a slider to set the focus manually to a specific value (not a specific area on the screen). The feature "focus peak" is very helpful for this way of setting focus.

4) On iOS you can get a "periodic auto-focus". Whenever you move the Mavic and hold it still again, the center will be focussed again. I do not know if this is on by default or a setting.

When you focus something, it is not re-focused automatically when the MAvic is moved. The periodic auto-focus on iOS goes into that direction but it only works when the MAvic is not moving, the focused object is not moving and in the center of the camera image.

Last but not least, when you change the flight mode, it often changes the camera configuration. This might also affect the focus settings. Again, not sure, not tried myself.
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