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Bug: POI speed slider doesn't slide on Android Tablet
799 1 2017-1-16
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United States

With my Huawei tablet (an android device) the number on the slider for the speed of POI movement does not change until I lift up my finger. The little circle that I'm moving is fine, it moves, I just can't tell exactly what speed it will be until I take my finger away.

This is not how it works when I connect to the Mavic with my iPhone. On that, the number on the slider changes as I move my finger. This is extremely useful. Sometimes I want to go just a tiny bit slower. If I can't see the numbers, then I'm just guessing every time. I may even make it go in the wrong direction.

I have tried re-installing DJI Go 4. That didn't change it.

I would really appreciate it if the slider could update as it is moved like on the iPhone version.
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Thank you for your feedback, Jason.
I will help to report this to our related team.
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