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501 2 2017-1-17
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United States

Looking at this for my first drone- is it over a new persons head? The price looks really good to me!
As I also am looking at the Typhone H-

I also read they don't make these any more- but they still will honor
their 1 year limited
With that being said- is their CS that bad- as I have read here- or
do a few bad apples spoil the basket?

Use props
United Kingdom

P3P is a great drone - I've had a P3A and a Pro. Very stable and a great first drone. I'd guess there will be parts available for a while yet so if you can get a good price I'd recommend one. The Typhoon is a good alternative but if you read/watch all the reviews and comparisons the P3 comes out on top. If you go for a P3 read the forums, watch the Youtube video's etc and only buy official DJI batteries and props. As far as CS goes I'd suggest you buy one from a high st retailer. That way if you have any early problems you don't even have to deal with DJI direct. Most issues are normally out of the box. Once you get past the first few flights you should be ok.
Use props
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The Phantom 3 Pro' is an excellent starter drone, entering the DJI family of awesome.... ;-)

Providing you get a trouble free one, like mine, you will be happy, forever and a day.

Following the forum for CS info is pretty innacurate, as most DJI drone pilots have no problems, or difficulties dealing with them

I think that your initial approach counts big time. If you contact them in a polite-pilot, concise manner, they will appreciate and act accordingly.
Go in all angry and verbally abusive, and you'll likely not find your help or care packages. ;-)

Just act respectfully!!  Do unto to others. . .

Use props
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