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Why Buy D-RTK if No pass to Sensors?!??
536 1 2017-1-18
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Since it is a major upgrade investment ($5k US), and DJI cannot provide software that passes critical information to payload sensors, why would I invest in this technology?
ALL of the parts of the puzzle need to be addressed by engineers. Design in an information and market vaccuum put out useless partially developed products. Solutions that are fully developed are what we expect (and deserve) from DJI as the leader in the industry. I'm not pinching pennies, but will not throw money at an incomplete package.
D-RTK fully functional and capable of passing critical information (Geo-Tag) to any payload is the minimum specification. Meet it or beat it!
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Maybe there will be a RTK Pro soon?
5K for position hold and Magnetic interference resistance is excessive.

I hoped it would work with the Ground Station PRO to fly the same route over and over benefitting the better accuracy, but apparently that doesn't work.

So far you can't even mount it on the M600 Pro (?), without building your own mount.

By the way still waiting for "Guidance" that has been advertised (and still stated by DJI "Guidance is fully compatible with the DJI Matrice series flight platforms.")  when the M600 has been launched.
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