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No video feed but gimbal responds and LESs all show ready to fly
483 1 2017-1-19
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So yesterday I went to take off and because of interference I had to use atti mode since GPS wasn't working properly. Well I took off and the wind took the Drone, flipped it, and landed Belly Up. I Inspected the Drone and everything looked fine, no stress cracks no major damage other than the props which I chose not to use again. Fast forward to today and I go to start the bird and everything looks and works normal but I do notice some rain clouds so I turned it off and wait for them to pas. When I try to restart it I get no video feed and all I'm presented with in the app is the DJI logo. I tried this with both litchi and DJI go on two different devices both Android. I've tried different batteries, restarted the Drone the controller the app, try different startup routines, swap memory cards and wires, disconnected and reconnected gimbal clips but still after a day of fighting with it have no video feed. The gimbal reacts to left and right motion on the sticks as well as pitch from a controller. DJI Gray's out the camera functions while litchi shows me them but I am unable to use either to record while the screen is black. Somebody mentioned it could possibly be the camera ribbon inside the Drone that connect to the main board but before I start dismantling my bird I would like to get a second opinion see if anybody can help. I have one more day of vacation before I have to leave and I would like to get some footage of the island and the people I'm with. Please let me know if anything you might think it might be as I'm willing to try almost anything aside from opening it up. I'll save that for when I'm home.
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It seems to be a problem for camera if it only shows DJI logo, restarting makes no sense, the it needs to be sent in for evaluation by our engineers.
Please feel free to send an e-mail to, we'll help you handle it.
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