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DJI Go 4 App vs User Manual (Inspire 2)
1219 1 2017-1-21
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I've noticed that in the manual (page 13), it gives a lengthy description of the P-A-S switch (top left on remote). However, the DJI GO 4 app, in the Main Controller Settings/Basic Settings) makes reference to the P-A-F switch with a slightly different description (I think) for the "F" (Function Mode) position. Should it make reference to P-A-S ? or.. have I misunderstood this setting ?
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Dr Jon
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The real settings is P-S-A there is no position for F on the switch on the R/C instead this is controlled by the R/C icon on the left of the dJI GO4 application when opened. If you touch this icon at the bottom of the screen a selection of different "functions" will be shown. Some are greyed out as these are still to be delivered.  
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