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Caution: Multiple apps settings
685 0 2017-1-24
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Flight distance : 3633799 ft
United States

I have been using the new GS Pro app along with my regular Go app and notice that some of the settings, particularly altitude limit and RTH alt, don't always stay where I think they are. I use lower settings in GS and have been surprised a couple times when I hit a 250' height limit the next day with Go. RTH can be a problem too. with GS I'm usually always near my launch point so I set it at 150' or so. When I fly with Go I head out over my hills where 380' is needed to clear the trees. 150' doesn't work so well out there. So just be aware that most all the app settings are actually stored in the drone so switching from app to app requires a quick check before the launch. Everyone always says check everything each time but we all also know that doesn't happen. At least until you get bit once.
Use props
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