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RONIN M - Manually adjust tilt (using 'push')
948 0 2017-1-29
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Papa J
Flight distance : 2210738 ft
United Kingdom

I'm shooting real estate where I want, for the most part, horizontals, so I shoot with smoothtrack ';pan' ticked only. Then I might want to engage the 'tilt' on smoothtrack (for an up and down shot). The problem is, when I want to revert back to 'pan' only smoothtrack, I need to be able to adjust the tilt back to level. I figured this 'push' feature in the app would allow me to manually adjust this to level, but sadly no.

When manually adjusting tilt, you can't precisely put the horizon level, just swft sharp movements work.   

The only workaround I can see is to power cycle the gimbal which is a pain. I'd appreciate any support or suggestions, thanks.

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