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Broken Antenna Wire - Please Help!
7681 2 2017-1-30
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United States

Hi everyone! I’m new here, but could someone tell me if they know where to buy the tiny component that DJI Phantom 3 Standard Part #97 plugs into? Mine fell off when I accidentally crashed it into a wall. This is the part, by the way:

Wires.jpg           Port.jpg

If I can't just buy that tiny piece and glue it back onto the circuit, can someone direct me to where I can buy a new replacement circuit board for the camera so I can attach the antenna wires? My gray wire is also broke off along with the gimbal mount, but I already found where I can buy those on Amazon.
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United States

Hello, IMHO. You should replace the board. These connections were detached in flight. They were powered on so there's a chance that the circuit is damaged too. Those antennas are used for the wifi signals not for the RC signals. It means that the AC can fly without them but you will have no WIFI,  no APP , no video, no telemetry and so on. I mean, you can try to repair, is up to you. If you decide to repair, these connectors are pretty common. They're used in laptops as part of the wifi circuit boards. These boards are available on eBay for any laptop brand, you can get one for 3 to 5 dollars. Usually each board has 2 antenna connectors. Is not easy to solder these surface mounted electronic components but it can be done. Verify each connection. Look for short circuits that can and damage the wifi transmitter output stage. You should replace the damaged antenna. Good luck my friend!
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Sorry for your crash, victorv83.
Did you get in touch with our tech support and send it in for fixing?
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