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What range and flight time on p3p
608 1 2017-1-30
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Hi All

What range and flight time are people getting on the p3p? I'm lucky if I get 20 minutes from my batteries but for the most 15 minutes is normal to 30-35% battery level left. They are not used much and have 97% life left according to app. I know flight conditions such as wind and temperature have effect. But also the range even on a clear run I'm lucky to get 1500m I hear of some going 3000m + I'd love to fly mine from a cliff over the sea or from the top of a mountain down a valley to see how far I can push it. I think it will not be much better than the 1500m I get now.

I know that there is a heft antennae upgrade, would be great if there was a battery upgrade for 30 minute flights.

What are your experiences with these two things?
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I've got about 55 flight hours on the P3P, and your battery durations are about what I've experienced. Very consistent over the last year as I've rotated 3 batteries through a hundred+ cycles, fully charging, fully discharging (land between 30 and 20%). 1500M is about as far away as I've pushed. It was thrilling and I'm eager to go further under the right conditions. Even if you can't see the bird, if there's unobstructed line-of-sight you should be able to approach 5K. However, if you're running downwind to test the limit, you could find yourself short of juice to get back. Bingo is hard to gauge. Pilots are conservative.
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