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Gimbal Issues
484 1 2017-2-2
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United States

I have my friends phantom 3 advanced here with gimbal issues, for starters this quad was involved in a crash that broke gimbal parts and ripped the ribbon.
I decided to go and fix it for him, I rebuilt the gimbal and camera put new hardware and ribbon cable in and plugged it all up. Now I dont have gimbal power or video from the camera and no startup dance/calibration.

DJIGO app definatly knows somethings there because when I move the camera the tilt is registering on the app. No signal though and the app says gimbal status is good. Unfortunatly I get "gimbal tilt" and "Camera needs update" errors that comeup. Putting an sd card with any P3A .bins yields d-d-d which tells me that the firmware is either corrupt and/or not updating properly..I also get no blinking lights on the gimbal. The app shows sd card having 0 space available. On top of that the bird now shows up as a P3P in the start screen. Ive tried 2 other P3A gimbal boards and 2 other cameras, 2 different ribbons and replaced all cables in the bird and I still have no power, control or vision from the gimbal and camera.

If anyone can help with this Id be dang greatful.
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Sorry for the crash,Tychon.
Probably you didn't install it properly.
I'd suggest you to send it in for further evaluation.
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