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DJI GO APP Tripod Mode (Not DJI GO APP 4)
564 0 2017-2-2
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Flight distance : 378684 ft
United States

Okay.....I'm confused. I have been using the DGI GO App (not [backcolor=rgba(88, 144, 255, 0.14902)]DJI GO 4) -- i.e., same App since my P3P, P4 and my [backcolor=rgba(88, 144, 255, 0.14902)]Mavic -- of course I have "always" updated the [backcolor=rgba(88, 144, 255, 0.14902)]DJI GO App. I have used TriPod mode several times but, it has been a few weeks. Today I was flying, clicked multiple flight mode and there is NO TriPod mode.... Any clues? I really did not want to upgrade to the [backcolor=rgba(88, 144, 255, 0.14902)]DJI GO 4 App because i have a couple of friends that experienced problems.
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