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511 1 2017-2-4
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1. the drone had one FPV camera for the pilot and a second, dedicatedRC controller, with live feed
2. the cameraman still had his own controller and say still shots (1 sec intervals) instead of a full live video feed
3. an additional gps locator emmiter could be attached to the subject, as to keep the camera trained on the subject. autonomously.
4. the legs would come out of the way in order to allow the operator full 360
5. the gimbals would allow yaw at full 360 (not 359 or 361 but infinite 360)
6. the pilot would get stills of sides in addition to FPV; that'l keep the pilot in visual control at all times, the real deal.

anyone tried to connect a second controller on a P4? as in having 2 controllers at the same time?
as for a second camera (+RC) dedicated to pilot, i believe this is the one single thing missing on the P4.

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The Inspire series is primarily the one that has what you're looking for in this list. The Phantom series, as a whole, has it's own 'iconic' design that it's maintained over the 'generations' and serves a particular function. I don't foresee the Phantom series emulating the Inspire to that kind of degree, but you never know in the future.
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